Energy semi-precious stones

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Energy semi-precious stones

Crystals and semi-precious stones are not just exquisite gems, they are creations of the Earth herself, sculpted deep in her bosom. They constitute the first and oldest kingdom, that of minerals, followed by the vegetable, animal and human kingdoms. They say that our first incarnation on mother Earth was in the form of minerals, since crystals are considered living organisms with specific structure, energy and properties. These wonderful gems are formed under special conditions of pressure and temperature, in the bowels of the earth, they contain the essence of its energy and according to their molecular structure, they acquire the distinct shape, color and size that make them important for anyone who wishes to tune in with the specific properties that each stone has.

Energy amplifiers: Crystals have the ability to store and multiply energy, which makes them ideal for use as a means of focus, meditation and attunement with positive vibrations to realize our desires and the goals we set.

They balance energy: Each crystal carries its own energy signature, helping to harmonize our energy with the environment, making us feel balanced.

They connect us with Nature: The magical children of Gaia are the most appropriate means of grounding and harmonizing with nature.

Emotional - spiritual healing: The unique and distinct properties of each crystal contribute to emotional healing and personal growth. In jewelry, these precious gems are bound with metals such as copper, silver or gold and are particularly powerful talismans but also real jewels of high aesthetics.

As crystals have the ability to absorb and transform energy, energy cleansing is necessary as well as coordination with the wearer, which we take care to provide with precise instructions and advice when purchasing them. No matter how much you like a crystal, remember that in the end you don't choose it, it chooses you as a precious friend whose purpose is to guide you to the light

Cleansing: The cleaning of rocks is done in order to initially remove the negative vibrations from other people who came into contact with it during the process of mining, processing and commercializing it.

Jewelry containing a semi-precious stone is good to be cleansed first and then activated to have value and meaning as we wear it. Cleaning is done in several ways. One way is with salt, which we place in a glass container after we have previously put it in this jewelry. We also place a cloth cloth to cover the container and leave it for 24 hours. Then shake off the salt.

Another way is to put it in herbs with sage chamomile and basil which we leave for 3 days

 Activation or charging: Activation or charging of semi-precious stone jewelry is done after cleaning. Initially we can by holding them between our hands and giving it our intentions which should also be consistent with the properties of the stones in general. Activation is also done with sage smoke or a sage stick that we place over it for a few minutes. Also we can put it in sunlight for few hours or put it under full moon light also for few hours

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