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Tourmaline gets its name from the word "tura mali" which means "the stone of mixed colors" and originates from Sri Lanka. The most common color we will find is dark green, but we also find many other shades such as pink, blue, red, violet, orange, yellow and black.

A legend says that when the tourmaline made the long journey from the center of the earth to the surface, it met the rainbow on its way, it took all its colors with it. There is no other mineral on Earth that with transparency, purity and hardness, presents all these colors, and even more beautiful combinations of two or three colors (bichromatic or polychromatic tourmalines). The infinite faces of this stone made their people to believe her to be magical. It was above all the stone of friendship and love, the stone that protected from calamities. Indians from ancient times believed that this gem gives eloquence, clarity, renewal, inspiration, ease of communication and memorization, which is why it can be used by students and professionals.

It is said to help new beginnings, professional advancement, bring wealth and abundance. It encourages a positive attitude towards situations, boosts confidence and practical creativity. It brings relief to anger, jealousy and resentment.

Energetically, it is considered one of the most powerful stones for clearing blockages, clearing the air, increasing inner awareness and enhancing meditation.

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