Small Raw Rainbow Moonstone

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Small Raw Rainbow Moonstone

Energy stone that thrives on new beginnings. It is one of the three June birthstones. It is considered the stone of the new beginning. It is the stone of inner growth and strength. It is full of receptivity and feminine energy. This stone, being the stone of the moon, reminds us that just as the moon has phases of filling and waning, so all things around us are part of the cycle of change.

From a psychological point of view, it is considered to soothe emotions, irritability, anxiety and provide calmness. It enhances intuition, emotional understanding, inspiration, success and good luck, love and success in the professional field, making it our favorite stone for everyday life.

On a physical level, moonstone balances the hormonal system, relieves menstrual pain and emphasizes fertility and pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Being a Moonstone, it is associated with love, and if charged with the moon's rays during the full period, it can attract a person of the opposite sex. It is used for deep, tender love and good fortune and in meditation facilitates connection with the higher, purer self.