The Designer

If the stock market crisis did not happen in 2010, would not exist.

From an economist and an adult trainer, from tutoring schools and accounting offices, I suddenly found myself in my 40s with little money, almost no job, wondering what had happened in the first part of my life and where in all this I really was.

And so I started the second part and my involvement with handmade original jewelry which has always been my amateur passion.

And this is not work for me. It is a place to meet my creative part, the one that is not afraid to feel and above all the place I want to go.

Somehow making in metal, be it silver or bronze, any plating or gilding, drawing, joining, shaping saves my life on a daily basis.

Because at the end of the day, just as each material changes and gradually takes its final shape, it also reminds me of my own change and the period of my transformation that I was blessed to experience.

"The beautiful is as useful as the practical" says Victor Hugo and I think I could not agree more.